Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is an .SVG file?

If you read my previous post and are wondering what the heck an .SVG file is, here you go:

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic

Simply put, it is a file format for storing graphics. Individuals create the images using one of a few graphic programs e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, etc. and save them in the .svg format so it is recognizable with your Cricut as an image file so it will cut it according to the graphics code imbedded in it.

The watch out for with .SVG files is that they do not work with the Internet Explorer web browser, so you will have to download Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera to download them.

There are many websites out there that have FREE .svg files, and much more out there that charge for them as well.

Here are just a few sites/blogs that offer FREE .svg files:


Why use an .SVG file?
  • don't have to purchase a specific Cricut cartridge for only one or two images
  • saves $ from having to purchase and store multiple Cricut cartridges
  • easy to store and manage files + relatively small in file size
  • easy to share with others vs. lending out your Cricut cartridges
  • the welding and overlapping work has been done for you
  • hint: you can use any of these to cut your vinyl as there are some great .svg files out there designed for vinyl use e.g. wall art, vehicle decals/images, glass work, etc.
I hope this helps as to what an .SVG file is and why you would seek them out online.

If you find any great websites or blogs that offer free .svg files make sure to send them my way and I will post them via my blog for everyone to benefit.


Patricia :)


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