Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finding Time To Scrapbook

Reader Tips: Finding Time To Scrapbook
*As per the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine - October 2010*

Looking for ways to fit scrapbooking into your busy life? Here are a few tricks from fellow scrapbookers.

1. Wake up earlier
Wake up an hour earlier. Each morning add something to your layout. By the end of the week, you should have a completed or nearly completed page.
- D.C. Mohegan Lake, NY

2. Create Kits
Create layout kits that include a few neutral cardstocks, some coordinating patterned papers, and a few embellishments. Grab it and go, or use it right at your table.
- E.H. Phoenix, AZ

3. Take 15 Minutes
If you take 15 minutes of your day doing a scrapbook-related task, you get closer to completing a project than by waiting until you have a bulk of time.
- G.T. Norwalk, CA

4. Crop
I go to a crop once a month. It helps to not be at home having to worry about 20 other things.
J.J. Nicholasville, KY

5. Schedule
I have a cleaning schedule. Once I'm finished with my chores for the day, I can scrap guilt free!
- D.S. Seaside, CA


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